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Corporate banking users paying through Central Bank Payment Gateway will not get echallan instantly because of some technical difficulties with the bank site. The echallan will be available in our site after two working days on receipt of scroll from bank site.
Schedule LIII - Form No - 186
Select Head of Account from the List at right side
Help Instructions
• If 'Head of account' and 'Description' fields are not already populated then select the appropriate head by clicking on the correct Chart of Account displayed in the right hand side of the screen.
•Depending upon the challan type, a green link Same as 'Dealer Name' and 'Address' will be available just under the 'Depositor Name' field. Click this field to auto populate the 'Depositor Name' and 'Depositor Address' fields in case where Dealer and Depositor are same.
•You can pay using either 'Net Banking' or 'Over the counter' facility. Choose the appropriate Payment Mode. Currently only Net Banking facility is available.
•Choose your Bank, where you have your net banking account for net banking.For 'Over the counter' facility user no need to have a net banking account.
•After filling all the necessary fields, click 'Proceed' button to go to the next page.
•Please do not press back or refresh the browser.