Classes of Pension

Superannuation pension Granted to a person who retires from service on attaining the age of superannuation.
Retiring pension Granted to a person who has obtained or is compelled to premature retirement.
Pension on absorption In or under a corporation,company or body is payable to a person who is deemed to have retired from Government service having being permitted in public interest,to be absorbed in the service of a corporation or Company wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Government or a body Controlled or financed by the Government.
Invalid Pension is granted to a personwho has to retire from service because of some bodily or mentalinfirmity which permanently incapacitates him from service.Thepension is granted on medical certificate of incapacity by theprescribed Medical authority.The Pension is calculated on the basisof the qualifying service rendered and the average emoluments.Amember of his/her family may also be considered for compassionateappointment if he/she had more than five years of service at thetime of invalidation.
Compensation Pension Is granted to apermanent Government servant who has been rendered surplus onabolition of his/her post and opts to retire from service.Theoption shall not be available if he/she is appointed to a post theConditions of which are deemed,by the authority competent todischarge him, to be at least equal to those of his/her own.
On Compulsory retirement As penalty boththe pension and gratuity may be subjected to a cut not exceedingone-third of the fill Compensation pension otherwise admissible.
Compassionate allowance Is for persondismissed or removed from service is not entitled to any pension orgratuity. However,the authority competent to dismiss or remove himmay on special considerations,grant him compassionate allowance notless than 375 and not more than two-third of the pension orgratuity normally admissible.Though Compassionate allowance isgranted on humanitarian grounds but once it is sanctioned itpartakes all qualities of pension for all purposes.The guarantee isalso entitled to periodical increases by way of relief in pension.Though the grant of Compassionate allowance is restricted to Casesof removal or dismissal from service but there is no reason why thebenefit may not be extended to a person whose pension gratuity hasbeen forfeited in terms of Rule I of the Pension Rules but the caseis deserving of special considerations.