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FAQ - Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Budget Distribution

Q. 1. What is the revised procedure for forwarding Budget allotment to the Treasuries?
Ans. From 01.04.2004 the allotment issued by Budget Controlling officers to DDOs are to be entered at central server of the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts. After certain verifications, the DDO wise Budget is electronically transmitted to the respective treasuries.
Q. 2. Can a DDO re-allot his Budget to another DDO?
Ans. Yes, a DDO may re-allot his budget to another DDO. A copy of re-allotment order is to be forwarded to concerned treasury for necessary modification in the Treasury.
Q. 3. If Budget allotment shown in the computer is exhausted, how can the drawl be made in that Head?
Ans. No drawl shall be allowed if budget is not available in the concerned Head of Account. Additional Budget has to be solicited from BCO.
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