Pension Forms
Sl. No. Amended New Pension Forms Purpose Download
1 Annexure List of Forms
2 Form-A List of Employees to retire
3 Form-C Nomination for DCRG(For LTA pension & DCRG)
4 Form-D Details of Family
5 Form-E Application of pension and Declaration of retiring
6 Form-F Assessment & Calculation of pension/Gratutity and Sanction of Pension
7 Form-G Forwarding Letter
8 Form-H Information to the Family of deceased for grant of DCRG
9 Form-J Application for grant of DCRG on death of Govt. Servant
10 Form-K Application for grant of Family Pension on death of the Govt. Servant/Pensioner
11 Form-L Assessment & Sanction of Family Pension/DCRG on death of the Govt. Servant while in Service/Pensioner
12 Form-M Form of forwarding papers for Family Pension/DCRG on death of the Govt. Servant/Pensioner
13 Form-N Sanction of Provisional Pension/Family Pension/CVP/DCRG
14 Form-P Form of Surety Bond
15 Form-Q Form of Surety Bond
16 Form-R Sanction of Family Pension to child on death of the pensioner without living widow
17 Form-S Sanction of Family Pension on Remarriage/Death of widow Family Pensioner