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»  Directorate of Treasuries & Inspection
»  Treasuries & Sub-Treasuries

The Department of Finance, Government of Odisha monitors all receipts and expenditures of the state. The Department also looks after the allocation and monitoring of budget; accessing availability of funds for various schemes and monitoring the status of government investment in equities, loans, etc. Ensuring proper financial management and monitoring of audit also falls under the jurisdiction of the Finance Department. Moreover, the Department of Finance is the administrative department controlling all Directorates.

» Directorate of Treasuries and Inspection
Directorate of Treasuries and Inspection (D.T. & I) Odisha is the heads of department for 169 Treasuries functioning in the State. These consist of 30 District Treasuries, 9 Special Treasuries (1 located at New Delhi), 1 Cyber Treasury, 1 State Pension Treasury and 128 Sub-Treasuries under respective jurisdiction of 30 District Treasuries. Directorate of Treasuries and Inspection (D.T.I.) Odisha was established in the year 1962; the primary functions being to act as the Heads of Department for the Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries in the State. The D.T.I. Odisha monitors this primary activity on monthly basis and acts as the administrative head for these treasuries as well. In addition to these, inspection activity of all the Treasuries is done on a regular basis which include the verification of stock of stamps and valuables in the strong room, bill transaction details, verification of pension related issues, P.L. account operations, and other allied activities at treasuries and Sub-Treasuries levels.

The year 2007 witnessed a series of changes in treasury administration in Odisha when Odisha Treasury Management system (OTMS) was launched. O.T.M.S. is a facility within the system for on line Treasury functions. The major functions under O.T.M.S. include budget distribution, transmission of budget data both in physical as well as electoral mode on line passing of government bills. There have been dedicated team of professional and infrastructural set up at Nerve Centre in D.T.I. for real time integration of the system.

The Director of Treasuries and Inspection has also been declared as The Superintendent of Stamps. As the Superintendent of Stamps the directorate has been entrusted with the functions of procurement of stamp papers and their distribution from the Central Strong room to treasuries as per the requirements.

Some of its main functions are:
  • Monitoring of Treasury operations
  • Monitoring of Pension cases disposed off at the Treasury
  • Internal audit, store and cash verification
  • Monitoring of AG audit
  • Conducting special audit as per the order of Finance Department
  • Monitoring of monthly accounts sent by Treasuries to A.G., Odisha
  • Issuing time to time instructions to Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries on treasuries operations
  • Conducting Treasury inspections
  • Cadre management of Treasury ministerial services personnel
  • Monitoring of court cases and such ancillary activities
» Treasuries & Sub-Treasuries
Treasuries are the nodal offices for all financial transactions of the State Government at respective district levels. They are the key authorities for maintenances of management accounting at the district levels. The Sub-Treasuries work as an extension of the District Treasuries at a local level within the district.

The Drawing and Disbursing Officers who are authorized to draw money can present their claims in the Dist. Treasury, or Special Treasury, or Sub-Treasury, assigned.

Some of the important functions are as follows:
  • Payment of Bills
    • Receiving the claims in the form of Government bills from the DDOs.
    • Scrutiny of claims as per (data bases maintained in the Computer) Odisha Treasury Code, financial code and relevant rules.
    • On line generation/ issuance of advises for the banks
  • Receipts
    • Entry of credit scroll received from Banks against challans deposited
    • Generation and issuance of advises for refund of Revenue as per advice issued by Competent Authority
  • Account Preparation
    • Preparation of Receipt and Payment Accounts up to detailed Head of Accounts
    • Incorporation of Sub-Treasury accounts in Dist. Treasury accounts.
    • Submission of accounts to A.G. Odisha
  • Strong Room
    • Maintenance and issue of Stamps
    • Safe custody of valuables and duplicate key packets deposited by Civil Courts and different offices in the District.
    • Maintenance of Bill token books and Cheque books.


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