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FAQ - Pension

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. 1. Can a PPO be transferred from one State to another?
Ans. Yes. If a pensioner wants to receive his pension from a Treasury/Sub-Treasury of another State by written request, the Treasury/Sub-Treasury Officer shall obtain the pensioners half from the pensioner and forward the pensioners half and disbursers half to the A.G. Odisha observing all other procedures. The A.G. Odisha will forward the same to the A.G. of concerned state for payment of pension through Treasury/Sub-Treasury of the concerned state.
Q. 2. What is the period of restoration of commutation of pension?
Ans. Pension shall be restored on completion of 12 years and 15 years from the date of payment of communication value in case of the pensioners who retired on or before 30.11.2008 and from 1.12.2008 respectively.
Q. 3. What is the maximum percentage of communication of pension?
Ans. 1/3rd of the basic pension and 40% of the basic pension in case of pensioners who have retired on or before 30.11.2008 and from 1.12.2008 respectively.
Q. 4. How does the family pension start after the death of a pensioner?
Ans. In case of the death of a pensioner, the Treasury/Sub-Treasury Officer shall start payment of family pension to the member of the family entitled for family pension on receipt of the application in prescribed from of O.T.C. -38-A from the entitled family member along with the production of the death certificate & other documents …….
Q. 5. How a pensioner draw his pension without appearing at Treasury/Sub-Treasury by producing Life Certificate?
Ans. A pensioner can draw his pension on producing Life Certificate through a nominated person by him in writing
Q. 6. A pensioner not residing in India, how can he draw his pension?
Ans. A pension not residing in India may draw his pension in India through an authorised agent who must produce a Life Certificate signed by a Magistrate, a Notary, a Banker or a Diplomatic Representative if India.
Q. 7. If the gratuity granted to several persons jointly (Legal Heirs) can be drawn on appearance of one pension only?
Ans. No Gratuity may be granted to several pensions on equal share and drawn individually.


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