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FAQ - PL Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

PL Deposit

Q. 1. What is Operator Id?
Ans. Operator Id is a System Generated unique Number for a particular PL Operator.
Q. 2. How long a Non Operative Personal Ledger should Active?
Ans. Personal Ledger Accounts, which are not operative for three years, should be closed by the Government or PAD should close the accounts after giving notice to the Government Departments and the concerned drawing officer.
Q. 3. What is Lapsed Deposit?
Ans. In the case of Criminal Court Deposits, Civil Deposits & Revenue Deposits each Deposit is separately paid into and drawn from the Treasury, upon documents passed by the presiding officer. These Challans will be lapsed if these are not used means these are not referenced with any bills for more than 3 consecutive financial years.


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