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FAQ - Stamp

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. 1. Who has the power to give license to stamp vendors?
Ans. District Collector.
Q. 2. Can a private person purchase stamps directly from Treasury?
Ans. Yes. He can purchase by depositing the requisite amount by challan in proper Head of account for official use.
Q. 3. What is the rate of commission on stamps to stamp vendor?
Ans.   Rate of commission on stamps varies time to time.
At present it is:
Face value of the Stamp or the stamp papers Rate of discount at Head Qrs. Of Trys / Sub-Trys. At other place
a)(i) All stamps except Court fee and copy stamp up to Rs.50/- each. 4% 5%
(ii) Exceeding Rs.51/- but not exceeding Rs. 250/- each 2% 3%
(iii) Exceeding Rs.251/- but not exceeding Rs. 1000/- 2% 2.50%
(iv) Exceeding Rs. 1000/- each. 0.50% 0.50%
(b) Court fee and copy stamps 1.50% 2.50%
c) Hindi Stamps and Impressed stamps.    
(i) Up to Rs.200/- each. 4% 6%
(ii) Exceeding Rs.200/- but not exceeding Rs.500/- 3% 5%
(iii) Exceeding Rs.500 but not exceeding Rs.100/- 2% 3%
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